The Zaha Hadid Triflow Tap

To most people a tap is a simple and conventional way of venting water. Most bathrooms and kitchens will have a common style tap consisting of two handles or twist knobs for hot and cold, or maybe a single handle turned either left or right for hot and cold; simple and easy to use. With a vast range of taps on the market from a ten pounds in DIY stores to a couple of hundred, some of which have been incrusted with diamonds and other rare stones and crystals. Sure they look special, all shiny and sparkly, but just a tad on the tacky side.

So where else can you go for a fine, exquisite tap that not only looks amazing, but isn’t intrusive. That is functional and yet elegant. Well there is only one obvious choice, which is the Tri-flow tap designed by Zaha Hadid for Tri-flow. This is the sort of luxury good that if you showed someone for the first time they would maybe not know what it was. Shaped like the neck of a swan looking backwards or could even be said, looks like a front downpipe of a Harley Davidson. Said to be inspired by the way water flows, the way the water gets from the filter to the end of the tap is rather very clever. Three separate water ways built into this solid brass tap, which are designed to flex as the neck can be turned left to right. Hot and cold water is accessed by twisting the tail end of the tap. The operating lever is its one main weakness as it does take some time to master how to get hot water through as there are no hot/cold markings.

Then again, this is more or a work of art than a tap so it’s more form over functionality. Once you find the right position for either hot or cold, the flow of water is smooth and clear. If you would like filtered water, then simply touch the finger sensitive button which will light up and instantly pump filtered water.

From the outside it looks simple, but underneath the curvy figure is an array of clever tech for the 21st century. It won’t be to everybody’s taste, with some people proffering two taps over one large one for both hot and cold. Some people might even be frightened away by the £7,500 price tag, which some how is justifiable. There aren’t many of these, if any, in kitchen showrooms around the country, but here at Stephen Graver, we are lucky enough to have a fully functional working tap in our Studio.

This tap is like marmite; you either love it or hate it. It looks fantastic and is very exclusive, but it isn’t as practical as most taps and is quite large and the price too. But for those occasions when you have dinner parties and people walk into your kitchen and see it gracefully sat there, you will be the envy of everyone. Don’t believe us? – come and check it out at our Studio for a demonstration.